How to Personalize Just About Anything (on the cheap)!

By: Brian J. Torreano, “The Wisconsin I.T. Guru”

Being a businessman, I often have toolkits and other objects that I take with me to clients’ sites. These kits can be quite valuable, and accidentally leaving them at the clients’ sites without identification could result in a loss of tens or hundreds of dollars. A while back, this led me to find a solution to that problem, and doing so with something that’s weatherproof and sturdy.


Why I Am Opposed to Most Subscription-Based Softwares.

First of all, let me start off by saying that there are some softwares that are absolutely essential to pay for on a monthly or yearly basis. Antivirus protection is definitely one of those. Companies that make antivirus software have to continually create virus definition files and update their software to stay ahead of the hackers. Also, there are some softwares associated with web and email hosting and administration that I believe paying a subscription for is justified. If you are paying for hosting, some of the online and offline software associated with it may need regular updating. But in general, I believe that paying subscriptions for softwares is unnecessary and, I would even say, usury.


BTTools™ for Excel. Because Data Is the New Gold!

It’s like Mark Cuban said in a 2017 interview, “Data is the new gold!” These days, almost everything in our lives generates data. Our phones, our computers, even our thermostats! That data is all stored in some format somewhere. The nice thing about Excel is that you can import data of almost any type into it. However, getting metadata, or “data about data,” for those datasets in Excel can be difficult.


Check Out Our BTTools™ Add-In for Microsoft® Excel!

Analyze and report on raw data, quickly compare differences between two Excel worksheets, add images to spreadsheets that are sortable WITH data, and much, much more with this smart Excel add-in!

You get 12 powerful scripts to speed production, improve accuracy, enhance the functionality of your spreadsheets and make adding images to cells a breeze!

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