Welcome to our website!  Brian J. Torreano I.T. Consulting offers many  computer services, including but not limited to: website design and setup, graphic design, Microsoft Office productivity enhancements, data analysis and modeling, GIS analysis and map production, 3-D modeling and file output, logo design, “Photoshopping” images, database development, tech support and much more!

Please see below for a listing of many of the services we offer.  If you have an I.T. project that you need help with and we don’t specifically list that as one of our services, contact us.  We just may be able to help you!

Rates for our services are detailed below and apply unless explicitly stated otherwise.  Thanks for looking!  A


  Services Offered

  1. Microsoft Office Productivity Enhancements in all standard Office programs, including Access. (example here)
  2. Computerized Mapping / GIS, including spatial data analysis and map creation.
  3. 3D Modeling and Production of Appropriate Output Files.
  4. Data Analysis and Data Modeling, including Creation of Real-Time Dashboards, as Applicable.
  5. Database Development, including Creating Databases and Updating and Modifying Databases.
  6. Website Development, including Design and all stages from Concept to Rollout to the Internet.
  7. Graphic Design for print and the web, including Logo Design and Creation.
  8. Résumé Creation and Enhancement.
  9. Printed Publication Creation and Enhancement, including Spelling and Grammar Checking.
  10. Helpfile Creation, including Printed, Online and Other Digital File Creation (example PDF here.)
  11. Conversion of Digital Files to Different Formats.
  12. Conversion of Printed Documents to Digital, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  13. “Photoshopping” Images (nothing illegal!), to Enhance Image Quality or Create New Images.
  14. Smartphone Consultation, including Email Setup and App Consultation.
  15. PC “Portable App” Consultation and Setup.
  16. Technical Support, in-person or over the phone.
  17. …and more!


(in U.S. Dollars)

Please note: The rates listed below are business rates. If you are an individual and wish to call on us for non-commercial services, the terms below apply, but at a rate of $60.00 per hour. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Please also note: The rates listed on this page are for our “standard” pricing.  For “special” or long-term projects we may offer different, lower rates.  Please Contact Us for special or long-term project pricing.

  • Initial Consultation to determine services needed is free, but a transportation charge (described below) may be incurred, at our discretion.
  • Consultation and Technical Support Services are billed at the rate of $69.00 per hour, billed one hour to begin with, and then quarter-hourly.
  • On-site Consultation and Tech Support are also billed at $69.00 per hour, starting from the time I arrive at your site, to the time I leave it. There is a minimum charge of one hour for callout services. Any time above the hour is billed quarter-hourly. Additionally, the customer may be charged a going and return transportation cost.  This cost will be determined before the callout services and agreed to by both parties before the service takes place.
The World – Where Allowed by UNITED STATES and International Law
  • Initial Consultation to determine services needed, online or over the phone is FREE!   Please Contact Us for an on-site evaluation.
  • Consultation and Technical Support Services are billed at the rate of $69.00 U.S. Dollars (USD) per hour, billed quarter-hourly.  If transportation costs are to be incurred, this will be determined and agreed upon by both parties before the services take place.  Transportation costs may need to be paid up-front, at our discretion.
  • Please Contact Us for On-site Consultation and Technical Support Services.

A Note About Our Pricing

In Wisconsin (where we’re located), I.T. consultancy rates vary between $68.00 to $159.00 per hour.  Though we have the knowledge and experience to charge much higher than we do, we do not because we wish to make ourselves available to more clients.

Thank you for your interest in The Wisconsin I.T. Guru, and please contact us if you have any questions!   A


Brian J. Torreano I.T. Consulting was founded and is owned by Brian J. Torreano (The Wisconsin I.T. Guru).  Brian has been programming and doing graphic design pixel-perfect for over 20 years.  WisconsinITGuru.com provides numerous services to anyone with a computer, or an interest in content produced on a computer.  We are dedicated to helping others solve their I.T. problems!

Brian also owns the native-fishes retail company BTDarters (www.btdarters.com).  BTDarters serves to educate people about the beautiful and interesting native fishes of the United States, as well as being an active participant in their conservation.  A


Newsletter June 1, 2023

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